The first plein-air in Osieki named „International Meetings of Artists, Art Critics and Theoreticians” took place in 1963. Its organisers were Marian Bogusz, managing the avant-garde gallery „Krzywe Koło” in Warsaw and Jerzy Fedorowicz. The participants of the meeting included: Ludmiła Popiel, Ryszard Siennicki, M. Bogusz, Julian Przyboś, Erna Rosenstein, Ryszard Lech, Olga Sieńkowska, Tadeusz Kantor, Jerzy Bereś, Wiesław Ciesielski, J. Fedorowicz, Jan Lenica, Tadeusz Makowski, Jonasz Stern, Henryk Stażewski, Władysław Borowski, Jerzy Ludwiński, Jerzy Rosołowicz, Andrzej Partum, Ireneusz Pierzgalski, Jerzy Treliński and Jerzy Nowosielski.

 The August meetings in Osieki from the years 1963-1981, are considered to be the most important plein-airs of the second half of the XX century in Poland. Their idea was to follow changes in the formal and theoretical attitudes within contemporary art, as well as confrontation of the respective, often different trends of this art. The task of the plein-airs was to promote and propagate new directions in contemporary art, to which numerous lectures, meetings with artists and „workshop open days” were contributive.

The events occurring during the „International Meetings of Artists, Art Critics and Theoreticians” in Osieki in the years 1963-1981 contributed to proclaiming Osieki the “Artistic Capital City of Poland”.

The meetings in Osieki were interrupted by the Martial State in 1981. The present owners of the Osieki Manor House, Mr. and Mrs. Grażyna and Jerzy Jasiński returned to the organisation of the plein-airs. The first international painting plein-air named “Time and Place for Art.” was held in September 1998”.

The plein-air ”Time and Place for Art” was organised by the Polish Association of Polish Artists from the Koszalin-Słupsk District. The idea of a return to the plein-airs in Osieki proposed by B. Giedych and E. Miśkiewicz Żebrowska is not an attempt to recreate the plein-airs from the years 1963-1981. This is emphasised by the organisers themselves, claiming that the present plein-airs do not aspire to continue the meetings of artists and theoreticians. In their opinion those meetings constitute a closed whole. Nevertheless, often by analogy, the creative circles associate the present plein-airs in Osieki with the ones from the 60’s and 70’s.

Artists from all over Europe take part in the plein-airs – Germany, France, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Slovakia or Austria. Also, representatives of the Polish academic centres and well-known artists arrive each year – the plein-airs were visited by the following guests: Janusz Popławski, Edward Dwurnik and Maja Raszewska. On top of this, the participants of the plein-airs „Time and Place for Art” included some of the participants of „International Meetings of Artists, Art Critics and Theoreticians” such as: R. Lech, O. Sieńkowska and E. Rosenstein.
The yearly lectures and meetings with authors have become rooted for good in the tradition of the plein-airs „Time and Place for Art.” The meetings with artists coming from all over Europe, which serve the purpose of exchanging views and striking up new acquaintances, are leading traditions in Osieki.

In July 2004, the „Artistic Meetings in Osieki” were initiated. This plein-air is organised every two years by Beata Orlikowska. It will be held for the third time in July 2009. The leading theme of these meetings are ”Elements”. The theme of ”Elements” was started in 2004 with ”Fire”. In 2006, the artists created pictures related to „Water”. In 2008, “Earth” will be the leading theme of the next series. The plein-air devoted to “Air” is scheduled for 2010.
The German amateur plein-air has also been organised at the Osieki Manor House since 1999. These meetings are held every two years. Their initiator and organiser is Sigfrid Bartz.

The plein-air for Mentally Handicapped Persons is also held at the Osieki Manor House.” It is organised by the Mentally-Handicapped Persons Association. So far, this plein-air has been held four times.

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