Monuments of Koszalin

1. The Holy Virgin Mary Gothic Cathedral 
It is the oldest monument of Koszalin, built in the years 1300-1333. It is a basilica with an extended, three-sided closed chancel, with an interior that has a stellar vault, and with a square massive tower. There are 16 figures (from 1512) placed in the main altar, in the chancel on the rood beam, there is a crucifix from the end of the XIV century and stained-glass windows carried out in the years 1914-1915. The church is equipped with organs with a baroque sound from the year 1899. The oldest monument is the font from the XIII century, placed in the church-porch under the tower.

2. The Castle Church
It was built around the year 1300 as a church of the Cistercian monastery (in Koszalin from 1278 to the middle of the XVI century). It was significantly damaged during a fire in the city in 1718. In the years 1818-1819, it was subjected to major repairs; it also received new equipment (organs – 1863). In 1953 the church was passed to the Polish Autocephalic Orthodox Church and now fulfils its sacred functions.

3. Neo-gothic Saint Joseph’s Church
Built in 1869 for the worshippers of the Catholic parish established in 1857. The interior includes historic, neo-gothic fittings, including fourteen images of the Road of the Cross from 1886. The neo-gothic stained glass windows have been preserved in the chancel. Until the end of the World War II, it was the only Catholic Church in Koszalin.

4. Executioner’s house – a gothic tenement house from the XV century
The position of the executioner in medieval Koszalin had functioned since 1464. The executions were conducted on the so called „Hangman’s Hill” or on the municipal market. The last time the executioner fulfilled his duty for the city was in 1893, but he lived in the tenement house until the 30’s of the XX century.

5. The miller’s palace and the mill from the XIX century
The first water mill from the year 1266 lasted until the great fire in 1601. Until the XIX century, the facility was expanded and modernised many times. In the years 1890-1897, the miller’s palace was built. After renovation and adaptation for the purpose of organising exhibitions, it has been one of the headquarters of a Museum in Koszalin since 1991.

7. The heritage park of the Jamno culture
The monuments of the Jamno and Pomeranian Culture, related to the everyday life and work of the former inhabitants of the suburban villages Jamno and Łabusza, are exhibited in a historic fisherman’s farm from 1869.

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