Interesting places

1. Chełm Hill
Since time immemorial, it has been a place of cult and pilgrimages for pilgrims from all over Europe. It is one of the sacred hills of Pomerania. Being located in the Central Pomerania, its peak is at 136.2 m above sea level. Its slopes served as a cemetery for the local inhabitants and pilgrims. The historians maintain that it was a place of pagan cult from antiquity to the early medieval times. In the XIII century, the Holy Virgin Mary church was built here.

2. Jamno
It is an old Pomeranian village, which bore the name Jamund before the World War II. The oldest written informaton about it comes from 1224. A historic oval layout of the building (design assumptions probably from the XII century) has been preserved. The old gothic Rosary Mother of God church originates from the XIV century. It is also worth seeing the half-timbered peasant huts and gate houses from the XIX century.

3. Wierzchomino
The town was probably established at the end of the XII century and at the beginning of the XIII century by a Slavic family of Warchomin or Wierzchosław. The first mention of the village comes from 1288. The historic peasant huts were built in the first half of the XIX century, and the St. Peter and Paul Church was erected in 1784 (the bell comes from the year 1733). 

4. The Hortulus theme gardens in Dobrzyca
Numerous gardens in various styles and themes such as the Japanese garden, French garden, English-style garden, stone garden, rock garden and others have been established on an area covering 4 hectares.

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