1. Archeological preserve „Kamienne Kręgi” [Stone Circles]
The preserve is located in the Grzybnica Forest, about 2.5 km east of Mostów. Stone circles of Goths from the I and II century A.D. as well as tombs related to the cult of the dead can be found there. 

2. Nature Preserve „Lubiatów Lake”
The Lubiatów Lake covers an area of 370 ha. 35 species of birds are nested in this area, and 48 species visit this place in passing. The area has a great number of various habitats and is a place of vegetation for over 374 species of plants.

3. Arboretum in Karniszewice 
There are about 37 species of trees and bushes in Karniszewice from different corners of the world. Schwappach, a prominent scientist and a forester, is considered to be the founder of this garden.

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